How to dispute a bill of the plumber

Whether your pipes have originated a leak or you are adding some water lines, a plumber is a good person to have on your speed dial. As with most repair services, there may come a time when it is necessary to dispute the plumber’s bill if you do not agree or are satisfied with the services you received.


  1. The revision of your plumber’s contract, if it exists. If your contact with the plumber was for routine work and it is not an emergency, you will have a written budget in relation to the work that needs to be done and the costs. Even in an emergency, the plumber must receive your permission before making any repairs.
  2. Determine if your owner insurance covers the repair. Check with your insurance agent or read your policy to see if your plumber can bill your insurance directly.
  3. Contact the manager or main line of customer service of your plumber. Inform society that there is a dispute regarding the invoice. If the plumber is a self-employed worker, contact him directly to verbally inform him of the controversy.
  4. Put your dispute in writing. Take note of any contact between you and your plumber, as well as if you gave permission for any repairs. Compare the final invoice with the budget in writing, if there is one.
  5. Go for future law of the dispute of a plumber in person. Request a meeting with the person in charge, as well as the plumber, to review your dispute in writing, the details of the services provided and the expenses that relate to those services.
  6. Consult local plumbers regarding their fees and billing procedures. Although different companies have different costs, fees and charges must be comparable. Present this information to your plumber in contesting your bill.
  7. Consider legal involvement if attempts to resolve the bill dispute to your plumber fail.