How to install plumbing pipes

There are several reasons you may need to operate outside the plumbing pipes. The installation of plumbing may be necessary for a sprinkler system or to provide means for the construction of a rope. Whatever the reason you have for the installation of exterior plumbing pipes, you have to do it correctly to avoid problems in the future. The main consideration when installed outside of plumbing is to bury it below the freezing line, which in most areas is 32 to 36 inches.


  1. Select a route to put the pipeline that will provide the least chance of being obstructed by tree roots or other obstacles.
  2. Pound wooden stakes on the ground along the chosen route every 3 to 4 feet and connect the stakes with rope. This will provide you with a guide to follow as you dig the trench.
  3. Dig the trench using a trencher that you can dig to a depth of 36 inches. The trencher can be rented at most tool rental stores. Follow all safety and operating instructions for the particular trencher that is rented. Start at one end of the route and continue next to the rope in the bets. Measure the trench with a digging stick to ensure proper depth. Use an ax to cut out any root that may appear.
  4. Fill the bottom of the trench with about an inch of gravel and smooth it to make it as level as possible.
  5. Place the water pipes on top of the gravel and fill the trench with the dirt that has been removed by the trencher.