How much does an average plumber earn in an hour

Plumbers install and maintain the systems of water of the city, drains and sewers. The type most familiar plumber for most people is the residential plumber they call when they have difficulty with water or sewer. Industrial plumbers do not work at home, but work in construction and laying pipes connecting the water systems of the companies, utilities and other large – scale projects.

Intermediate residential plumbers

The “My Salary” website also reported that intermediate level plumbers earned about $ 47,500 a year on average, or $ 22.80 per hour. The qualifications for an intermediate residential plumber include having a high school diploma or equivalent and two to five years of experience. Between 10 and 25 percent earned between US $ 35,400 and US $ 41,200 a year, meaning between US $ 17 and US $ 19.80 per hour. Between 25 and 75 percent earned between US $ 41,200 and US $ 54,000 per year, or US $ 19.80 to US $ 26 per hour. Finally, from 75 to 90 percent earned approximately US $ 54,000 to US $ 59,900 a year, which is US $ 26 to US $ 28.80 per hour.

Advanced residential plumbers

A top-ranked plumber earned approximately $ 51,000 a year on average, or $ 24.50 per hour. The “My Salary” site defines a high-level plumber as one who has at least a high school diploma or equivalent and more than five years of experience. From 10 to 25 percent earned between $ 40,600 to $ 45,600 a year, or $ 19.50 to $ 21.90 per hour. Between 25 and 75 percent earned from $ 45,600 to $ 58,000, which equals $ 21.90 to $ 27.90 per hour. Between 75 and 90 percent earned between US $ 58,000 and US $ 64,400, or between US $ 27.90 and US $ 31 per hour.

Industrial plumbers

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics places industrial plumbers, pipe fitters and pipe fittings in the same category. Since May 2008, the Office reported that this group of workers earned an average of US $ 21.94 per hour. The 50 percent of this group earned between US $ 16.63 and US $ 29.66 per hour. The lowest ten percent reportedly earned less than $ 13.22 per hour, while ten percent earned more than $ 37.93 per hour.

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